We are here to help you! Our goal is equip J1 International Students with resources that will help them navigate the USA safely and easily. 

Image by Erol Ahmed

We are partnered with Wells Fargo Bank to help J1 students do safe and easy banking specifically for international banking. Links, contact information, and locations in Myrtle Beach are provided.

When you live close to where you work a bicycle is one of the best transportation options. We have options to rent a bicycle, where to get a bicycle fixed, as well as maps and safety tips for cycling in Myrtle Beach.

Image by Chris Lawton
Image by Mika Baumeister

We are partnering with T-Mobile to help International Students have a reliable way to communicate, not just with coworkers and employers, but also family and friends. Contact information and locations provided.

The City of Myrtle Beach is a supporter of the International J1 Student programs and wants to help keep students safe. We have dedicated contacts for J1 Students and the location of the Police Station.

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A Social Security Number is one of the primary forms of identification for a person to live and required  to work in the United States. Here we have resources of how to navigate the process and how to stay safe in the USA.